Postdoc Open Enrollment 2020-21

Postdoc Open Enrollment: June 15 to June 22

Since our dental insurance carrier is changing this year, all Postdocs who elect dental coverage will need to visit the online enrollment portal starting June 15 and submit a new benefits application. June 22 at 5 pm is the deadline to submit an application for benefits starting July 1. If we don't receive a new application for you, there could be potential for plan disruption.

Meet Ameritas, our new dental insurer!

Attend the webinar on Monday, June 15 at Noon


Postdoc Eligibility

UMass Amherst Postdocs are eligible for Trust Fund benefits if they are employed at least 50% time  in a unit position.

New Ameritas Dental Plan (see plan details)

  • No deductible when you see an in-network dentist

  • Preventative care covered at 100% within plan limits

  • Low family plan premiums: $13.50/month for single+1 plans and $27/month for family plans.

  • Four cleanings covered at 100% per plan year. 

  • New "fusion" benefit allows you to use up to $150 of your $2250 dental plan year max towards reimbursing out-of-pocket vision materials costs (eye glasses, frames, lenses, contact lenses) not already covered by your vision plan. 


EyeMed Vision Plan (see plan details)

  • $150 Contact Lens allowance and Frame Allowance

  • $10 Eye Exams

  • Most Premium Anti-Reflective Coatings now have fixed, affordable copays

Childcare Reimbursement Fund

  • Annual fund is $51,000 to better meet the needs of Postdoc families

Employee Paid Benefits

  • Optional life insurance at group rates

  • Optional prepaid Hyatt legal plan, $18/mo

Optional Prepaid Wellness Programs

  • Daily Burn and Calm subscriptions are available on a first-come first served basis

Open Enrollment for Trust Fund benefits is June 15-June 22, 2020. All Postdocs who want to either enroll in or maintain dental coverage will need submit a new application by the June 22nd deadline.

Applying for the first time? Access the online application at