Postdoc Life Insurance

You can purchase MetLife life insurance at affordable group rates for yourself, spouse/domestic partner & dependents.

Within 30 days of the start of employment, eligible postdoc employees who work at least 30 hours per week can elect to purchase optional, 100% employee paid life insurance for themselves, their spouse / domestic partner, and dependents.  The enrollment kit and application forms for this benefit are below.


Highlights include:

  • You can purchase up to 5 times your salary to a max benefit of $500,000

  • Spouse & Domestic partner can purchase up to $100,000 (rates based on your age)

  • Dependent coverage can be purchased at increments up to $10,000

  • Your first $100,000 of coverage is without medical evidence, $25,000 for spouse, and $10,000 for dependents

  • Coverage is portable at group rates if you leave UMass

  • Free, face to face, will preparation service if you participate in the plan

Relevant Plan Documents
How to Apply

Form 1 is REQUIRED for all applicants. When you have completed the form, email and ask to be send a secure email, to which you can reply for your form as an attachment.


Form 2 is ONLY required for those applying for more than $100,000 of coverage. Completed form should be mailed or faxed to MetLife per directions on top of form.