Postdoc Childcare


The Health & Welfare Trust Fund has an annual pool of funds available to distribute to eligible Postdoc families to help defray the costs of on or off campus childcare.  For 2019-20, the total pool for reimbursements is approximately $42,000.


To be eligible, you must be employed as a Postdoc at least 50% time during the period for which you are applying for reimbursement and use licensed care.


We follow a detailed set of eligibility requirements and distribution guidelines when handling childcare reimbursement applications. Please review our guidelines below prior to application.

There is also a $6,000 per child annual cap on the amount a family can be reimbursed.

The Trust Fund distributes approx. $42,000 annually to eligible postdoc families as reimbursement for childcare costs. 

Relevant Plan Documents


How to Apply

The Trust Fund allocates childcare reimbursements 3 times per year (fall, spring & summer).  Upcoming application periods & deadlines are:

  • starts Sept 1 & deadline Sept 15, 2019 for summer (June-August 2019 receipts)

  • starts Jan 1 & deadline Jan 15, 2020 for fall (Sept-Dec 2019 receipts)

  • starts June 1 & deadline June 15, 2020 for spring (Jan-May 2020 receipts)

The childcare reimbursement application is part of our regular online benefits application.


If you have already enrolled for dental & vision, you log in to your existing application and follow the prompts for the childcare portion of the application only.  If you are new to our system, you can start a new application.

Predicting your Reimbursement


The Trust Fund cannot guarantee reimbursements because so many changing variables impact the number and amount of reimbursements per period: the number of eligible applicants, their actual total childcare costs, etc. However, it can be useful to review what families similar to yours have received in previous rounds of reimbursement.  Please account for the fact that any other subsidy received for the same period will reduce your total reported childcare costs.

Find your income level using your family size and your household's Adjusted Gross income from your last fedeal tax return using this chart.

Please find the most recent percentage reimbursements for all income levels below:

Spring 2019 Reimbursement Schedule:

--Reimburse all PD applicants in levels 1-11 at 100% 
--Reimburse all PD applicants in levels 12-15 at 80% 
--Reimburse all PD applicants in levels 16 and above at 65%

Fall 2018 Reimbursement Schedule:

--Reimburse all PD applicants in levels 1-11 at 100% 
--Reimburse all PD applicants in levels 12-15 at 85% 
--Reimburse all PD applicants in levels 16 and above at 65% 

Summer 2018 Reimbursement Schedule:

--Reimburse all PD applicants at 100% 


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