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- Latin Dance w/Anastasia: 4/21, 4/23, 4/28 & 4/30. Register here.

-Yoga Where You're At: The Quarantine Recordings w/Eric Burri

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- Daily Burn subscription: free for 6 months. Register your interest here.

As COVID-19 requires us to stay home and engage in social distancing, we offer the following list of resources and opportunities to stay sane, avoid isolation, support local health & wellness providers and build for the future. Please note the info below reflects the available information to date and should always be double-checked for accuracy as things are changing rapidly. Additionally, this information does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any of the content below--please use your own judgement on what is right for you during this time. If there's something you think we should add to this list, let us know!
Information sharing: we've set up Slack channels to answer basic questions and share resources. You'll get a link via email if you'd like to join. Do not share any private, protected health information on Slack--if you need answers to specific questions related to your private information, call us at (413) 345-2156 or email us at and request a secure email to reply to.

Your HealtH

  • Health Insurance: The Trust Fund does not provide your student health plan. It is provided by UMass and administered by Wellfleet Insurance. See their site for information on COVID-19. As of 3/17/20, Wellfleet Insurance states "Wellfleet’s fully-insured Student Health plans will cover member costs for COVID-19 testing. We’ll waive all co-pays, deductibles and co-insurance. Like a preventive visit, members will have no out-of-pocket costs for testing."
  • If you're concerned about potential exposure to COVID-19 because you believe a coworker has tested positive, is presumptive positive, or you've been in contact with someone you think has been infected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), should contact the COVID-19 HR Response Team at 413-687-2283 or
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) online resources are available here.

Dental Emergencies

To our knowledge as of 3/17/20, the following in-network dentists near campus are:
Amity Street Dental open only for emergencies
Connecticut Valley Oral Surgery open only for emergencies
Amherst Dental Group open 9-12 only for emergencies for patients already in their system
Newmarket Dentistry: closed but call (413)478-8273 or email in case of emergency
First Advantage Dental open only for emergencies for patients already in their system.
John P Musante Health Center open only for emergencies for patients already in their system who do not have symptoms of COVID-19.
Aspen Dental open only for emergencies and you do not have to already be an existing patient.
Baystate Dental open 8-12 at limited locations for emergencies for existing patients, first come-first served basis for new patients with emergencies. Your call will be routed to the closest open office. 
River Valley Dental closed but you can call (413) 345-0365 for guidance in case of emergency.
The Valley Dentists open only for emergencies for patients already in their system
If you have an emergency and are not already the patient of a dentist, try contacting one of the above and see if they can accommodate you. The other option in case of a dental emergency, unfortunately, is heading to the emergency room. 
NEW as of 4/3/20 At our urging, MetLife has agreed to the following: "MetLife Dental has confirmed that if a covered employee can’t locate an in-network dentist in their area (that is still open and accepting patients) to handle their emergency care procedure and is forced to go out of network, we will handle as an in-network claim to mitigate the balance billing issue and for your plan to waive the deductible. Please note that we will do everything within our power to process these exceptions but because it is manual please let your employees know to bring any situation to our attention." If you find yourself in this situation and need help with a claim, please let us know:



  • Karuna Yoga, based in Northampton, MA, offers online options, including live classes for a donation, and a daily meditation.
  • Yoga International offers a 30 day free trial allowing you to practice at home with the world's top yoga teachers.
  • Glo offers a 15 day free trial for unlimited access to online yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes.


  • All eligible UMass graduate employees and Postdocs, have access to Calm, the world's #1 app for sleep, meditation and relaxation. To access your free subscription, log into your Trust Fund account at and follow the instructions. Calm has also created free content that you can share with friends and family during this uncertain time.

Remote Workouts

  • offers a 30 day free trial membership providing access to 1000's of online workout videos. If you haven't yet used your 2019-20 $190 wellness reimbursement, a membership purchased on this site is eligible for reimbursement.

online teaching resources

UMass's Center for Teaching & Learning is offering phone and Zoom teaching consultations and other support.

Support for parents

  • Khan Academy has free, daily schedules and resources for students 4-18.

Keeping your spirits up

  • Join the "Quarantine Book Club" and for $5 "join your favorite authors on Zoom where you can have spirited discussions from the privacy of our own quarantined space!"
  • WWOZ Onlinewire calendar of online music gigs coming out of New Orleans right now.​
  • Chef's Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway want to help you figure out what to cook (and keep you company) during the quarantine! Check out their podcasts.

Professional Skills Development

  • Duolingo is a free app that will help you learn a new language--over 20 languages to choose from.


Local FOOD Options

  • CISA is maintaining a great list of local food options for online ordering and home delivery.

Just Because...

  • Try the game GeoGuessr, which drops you in a random spot on Google Maps street view and you have to figure out where in the work you are using clues from street view images.


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