Grad Employee FAQ

I enrolled last year. Do I need to enroll again?

Yes--every grad employee must re-enroll each year.

What do the dental & vision plans cover?

The dental plan covers basic preventative care at 100% and other procedures at 80% or 65%. Read the full plan description before seeing a dentist.


The vision plan offers an allowance toward the purchase of frames and contacts and a $10 copay for exams. Read the full plan description before seeing a provider.

I have a student health card--is this the same as my
dental/vision card?

No. Wellfleet Insurance is the student health plan provided by the University of Massachusetts by virtue of your student status.  While we don't manage your health plan, you can get a copy of your ID card here:

(It may be necessary to type an M before your student ID when logging in to print your ID card.)

Wellfleet Group, LLC, PO Box 15369, Springfield, MA  01115-5369
Phone: (877) 657-5027 ♦ Claims Fax: (413) 733-4612
Group Number: ST0941SH


Your dental and vision plans are purchased by your union's Health & Welfare Trust Fund on your behalf and have separate enrollment processes, deadlines, and procedures.

Where can I find my insurance ID and group number?

Ameritas: you will find this in your confirmation of coverage email and your insurance ID number is your SSN.


EyeMed: you will find this in your confirmation of coverage email and your insurance ID number is your SSN.

How can I get replacement IDs?

Ameritas Dental:

Ameritas does not mail ID cards--their IDs are digital. You can print an ID by registering at  

Once you're registered, you can download an ID, check your benefit status and usage, use the dental cost estimator and much more.


EyeMed Vision:

EyeMed will mail new members a card within 10 days of their enrollment.  If you were enrolled last year, your old card will continue to work and EyeMed will not mail a new ID card automatically. You can obtain a new EyeMed Vision card by creating an account at: You will need your SSN in order to create an account.

Will I be covered immediately?

No. If you are a new student for the 2020-21 academic year, the earliest date you are able to apply for benefits is August 15, 2020 and your earliest coverage date is 10/1/19. 


In addition, though we have the most liberal enrollment policies around (with five enrollment periods throughout the year to accommodate everyone) we cannot turn around enrollments in 24 hours. Please remember that our enrollment process involves multiple offices on and off-campus.  


What we can say is that if you enroll by the September 24, 2019 deadline and are eligible for benefits, you will have guaranteed coverage by October 1, 2019 the earliest possible coverage date.  Your best bet is to take this date seriously and meet the deadline to ensure the earliest coverage.  

I have a family. What should I know?

That's a good question.  Here are the most important things you need to know:


1) You can enroll your family in the dental plan for $100 for the entire year.  It's free to enroll your family members in the vision plan.  Family members' gym fees are not eligible for the wellness reimbursement.


2) Spouses, same or opposite sex domestic partners, and children are eligible as family members on our dental and vision plans.


3) During the online enrollment process you will be prompted to provide your family members' names and dates of birth only.  You will also be prompted to pay the family dental plan premium at that time.


4) Your family members won't receive their own insurance cards.  Their coverage will be listed under your name and subscriber ID in the insurance systems and providers will access this information using your ID cards.

An overview of family benefits we provide are described here.


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