GRAD Family Benefits

A comprehensive guide to all of the benefits we're aware of that impact grad families.

Childcare Assistance

GEO reimbursement  Note: we are now accepting spring (Jan-May) 2022 receipts until May 30th

Family Benefits - Dental & Vision

You can add a spouse, partner and/or child(ren) to your dental and vision plans for just $100/year. That's a small fraction of the total cost of a family premium. Each family member on your plan will receive the same benefits (they are not shared across your family). Click on the images below to view the plan descriptions.

Some Ameritas Dental plan family highlights 

  • 100% coverage for preventative care, like exams and up to 4 cleanings/plan year

  • 100% coverage for fluoride for chidlren 18 and younger (1 in 6 months)

  • Orthodontic for adults and coverage for children to age 19

  • $2250 calendar year maximum--you can use $150 of this toward vision materials costs on top of your EyeMed vision insurance

Some EyeMed Vision plan family highlights

  • Everyone in your family can get free frames if you use the Freedom Pass and get your frames at Target Optical. $0 out of pocket expense for any frame if you use OFFER CODE: 755288

Family Benefits through the Student Health Plan

We don't manage the student health plan, but we want you to know that ...

  • You can add a spouse and/or children to your plan for approx $420 per semeter if you are GEO-eligible. The fee breakdown is here

  • If your child(ren) are enrolled on your student health plan, there are pediatric dental and vision benefits for them, even if they aren't enrolled on your separate dental & vision plans. See benefit below and more info here.

Using your Wellness Reimbursement for Family Costs

You can be reimbursed up to $225/year for eligible fitness and wellness costs and if your family members are enrolled on your other beneifts (dental & vision) their costs can be counted as eligible toward the $225. For example, if you have a family YMCA membership, the full cost can be submitted toward your $225 reimbursement (not just your costs as the eligible employee). Previously, a family membership would have been prorated for just the eligible employee. Another example: your spouse takes yoga classes, you (as the eligible employee) have a Planet Fitness single membership and you just purchased a new bike for your child--all of these are eligible receipts you can submit for the wellness reimbursement. Each family member does not receive their own $225 reimbursement; rather, the $225 is shared.

Outschool Class Credits for Kids

Eligible grad employees with children can access up to $250/year in free online classes, camps & tutoring for children pre K-12. More info here.

Sample class offerings include:

Family Friendly Workspace 

The FFW is a cozy, private, child-friendly workspace that grad employees can reserve to get some work done while they're on campus. The space can be reserved in 2 hour increments, starting at 8 am and with the last booking starting at 6 pm, Monday-Saturday.​ The workspace includes two desks with chairs, an armchair for reading, a small table and chairs for children, kid's books and toys, and a refrigerator and a bottle warmer for nursing parents. Learn more here.​​