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Plan Highlights:


Diagnostic & Preventative care within plan terms is covered at 100%                                                (examples: oral exams and cleanings)


Exams & Cleanings are covered 2 times per year (without having to be 6 months apart!)


Diagnostic & Preventative services do not count against your plan year maximum!

Restorative care, oral surgery, periodontics & endodontics within plan terms are covered at 80% (examples: fillings and root canals). White fillings are covered at the same percentage as amalgam fillings!*


Major restorative care & prosthodontics are covered at 65% (example: crowns)*

No deductible if you see an in-network dentist!


The maximum plan year benefit is $2000 per person.

See Plan Description for full details of coverage.

MetLife PDP Plus Dental Plan

Additional Coverages:


*Orthodontics are covered at 50%, with a separate $1000 lifetime maximum.


*TMJ (temporomandibular joint treatment) benefit: treatment is covered at 65% subject to a $500 lifetime maximum. 

*these items are subject to a once/year per person deductible if you see an out-of-network dentist.  See Plan Description for full details of coverage.


**If you are a resident of TX, LA, MT or MS, please email us to obtain your plan description, as it is slightly different per state law.

Who can be covered?

Eligible graduate employees, their dependent spouses, same and opposite sex domestic partners, and children up to age 26. No other family members are eligible for coverage under the plan.

The dental plan is free for eligible individuals. It is $100 to add your family members.  The $100 family premium can be paid by e-check, credit or debit card via PayPal or by University payroll deduction (available fall semester only).

ID Cards
Relevant Plan Documents

MetLife does not mail hard copy ID cards.  You can obtain an ID card by registering at here under the employee group UMass Grad Employee Unit (*not University of Massachusetts*) and then you can:


1) print out your ID card -OR-

2) download the MetLife app for your Smartphone and obtain a digital ID on your phone.


You can also use your coverage at any dental office simply by providing your Social Security Number or UMass student ID number and our group number (161474).

Click here for Information on How to Register on MetLife's site

Click here for Information on  MetLife's Smartphone App

Finding a Dentist

There are more than 158,000 participating PDP dentist access points nationwide, including 37,000 specialists. You can select a participating dentist or specialist by visiting the MetLife website or here if you are registered on MyBenefits. You can also call 1-800-ASK-4MET FREE (800-275-4638).  


We have also included the full list of Massachusetts network dentists below, as well as selected lists of network dentists by town. You should always confirm that your dentist or facility is participating in our network at the time you make your appointment.

Click here for a partial list of local in-network dentists

Important Info

*If you are concerned about costs, make sure your dentist is in the Metlife PDP plus network.  Find out how In-network dentists will help you maximize your benefit and reduce your out-of-pocket costs.

Click here if you are Using your Benefits Out-of-Network

*Shop around for a dentist that really listens to you and that you feel comfortable with. Don't allow yourself to be rushed into a procedure before you know how much it will cost.


*Ask your dentist to submit a pretreatment estimate to MetLife before having extensive work done.  


*Know that white fillings are now covered at the same percentage as amalgam fillings under our plan.

*Our dental plan works on a plan year basis, from 10/1 to 9/30 each year, meaning your plan year maximum renews each 10/1. This is not the case for the vision plan.  See vision plan description for details.


*If you have surgery for impacted wisdom teeth, make sure to have your dentist submit your claim to both your student health insurance plan (Wellfleet) and your dental insurance plan.  Click here to read more about the student health plan and impacted wisdom teeth.


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