Grad Employee Family Benefits


The Trust Fund plans to distribute over $115,000 during this plan year across eligible graduate employees for their childcare costs for on or off-campus, licensed childcare.


The basic eligibility requirements are:


1) Applicants must be GEO-eligible, according to the guidelines for dental and vision insurance.


2) Eligible childcare receipts must be for state-licensed (or equivalent) infant, toddler or preschool care, or after-school care and summer camp care for a school-aged dependent.


Licensed care means that the State of Massachusetts' Office of Early Education & Care (or comparable state office in another state) has provided a license to your provider to operate. The state publishes a list of licensed providers.   Please check with your provider if they are not on this list, as some are exempt under the EEC guidelines. 


The full eligibility requirements and guidelines for how we determine childcare reimbursements are available below.

There is also a $6,000 per child (for whom receipts are submitted) annual cap on the amount a family can be reimbursed.

Multiple campus organizations provide support to grad families--watch our quick powerpoint slideshow to get a sense of all of your options and advice on how to prioritize!

The Childcare Reimbursement:

   The Trust Fund plans    to distribute over


this year in childcare

reimbursements across eligible graduate families!

Fall 2019 Reimbursement Summary Report for Families
Relevant Plan Documents
Deadlines for Reimbursement

The CCAMPIS Program (Child Care Access Means Parents in School) at University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass Amherst) is a federally funded program that provides childcare subsidies to qualified students who are enrolled part-time or full-time at the Amherst campus. The CCAMPIS subsidy is determined by the student’s need level as determined primarily by the Financial Aid Office although some applicants may provide proof of income eligibility even if they have not completed a FAFSA. Subsidies range from 45%-90% of childcare costs not otherwise covered by childcare vouchers or other childcare subsidies. To apply to the CCAMPIS program for a childcare subsidy or for more information, contact Kara Knott, Program Coordinator, at

The Trust Fund allocates childcare reimbursements 3 times per year (fall, spring & summer).  Upcoming application start dates and deadlines are:

  • starts Sept 1 and deadline Sept 15, 2019 for summer (June-August 2019 receipts)

  • starts Jan 1 and deadline Jan 15, 2020 for fall (Sept-Dec 2019 receipts)

  • starts June 1 and deadline June 15, 2020 for spring (Jan-May 2020 receipts)

Predicting your Reimbursement

The Trust Fund cannot guarantee reimbursements because so many changing variables impact the number and amount of reimbursements per period: the number of eligible applicants, their actual total childcare costs, etc. However, it can be useful to review what families similar to yours have received in previous rounds of reimbursement.  Please account for the fact that any other subsidy received for the same period will reduce your total reported childcare costs.

Find your income level using your family size and your household's Adjusted Gross income from your last fedeal tax return using this chart.

Please find the most recent percentage reimbursements for all income levels below:

Fall 2018 Reimbursement Schedule:

--Reimburse all applicants in levels 1 at 100%  
--Reimburse all applicants in level 2-6 at 75%  
--Reimburse all applicants in levels 7-8 at 50%  
--Reimburse all applicants in levels 9-11 at 40%  
--Reimburse all applicants in levels 12-15 at 35%  
--Reimburse all applicants in level 16 at 15%  
--Reimburse all applicants in level 17-18 at 6%  
No reimbursement available for those above level 18

Summer 2018 Reimbursement Schedule:

--Reimburse all applicants in levels 1 at 100%  
--Reimburse all applicants in level 2-7 at 55%  
--Reimburse all applicants in levels 8-11 at 35% 
--No reimbursement available for those above level 11 

GSS Childcare Assistance Program (separate from your Trust Fund benefits)

We don't administer this program, but encourage you to also apply for the Graduate Student Senate's (GSS) childcare assistance to maximize your benefits.  Any GSS award your family receives for the same period will be deducted from your reported costs.

Subsidized Family Plan Premiums

The Trust Fund uses funds to keep the cost of family plans as low as possible.  The Trust Fund subsidizes over 90% of the cost of the GEO family dental plan and 100% of the cost of the GEO family vision plan. We also contribute funds towards keeping your UMass student health plan contributions low.

Breastfeeding Locations

The Health & Welfare Trust Fund has purchased a breast feeding glider chair for the breast feeding spaces operated by the Office of Family Resources (OFR), Rm. 428 Student Union Building. as well as the location in the Lederle Grad Research Tower. We'd like to encourage graduate student mothers to use the space!  Click here for a map of breast-feeding rooms on campus.

Subsidized Childcare Slots

For those with qualifying incomes whose children attend the University's Center for Early Education and Care (CEEC), there are free slots in the Flex-Care classroom, paid for by the Health & Welfare Trust Fund.  Get on the waiting list as soon as you can by calling CEEC at (413) 545-1566.


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